Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Temple of Dendur: Examples of Student Work

10th grade Digital Media class field trip to the Metropolitan Museum,  Spring 2011 Photo: Basil Kolani
Temple of Dendur     Al Doyle, 2011

This iPad sketch demonstrates the large forms, broad areas of color and simplified two-point perspective approach suited to the Brushes App.

Temple of Dendur               Noah B. 10th grade 

A thorough understanding of two-point perspective is demonstrated by this  by 10th grade student iPad drawing of the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum.

Elevation drawing of the Temple of Dendur      Jerry Y. 10th grade

Students held their concentration for over and hour and were completely engaged in the task at hand.
photo: Basil Kolani
Temple of Dendur     Jelle K. 10th grade
 Here a bold use of the black line gives this student's iPad drawing a distinctive and dramatic look.

Temple Oblique Perspective Study     Al Doyle, 2011

This quick warm-up sketch was done to demonstrate the focus on large shapes and simplified detailing.

Here is the progress of the quick sketch above.

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